God’s Quiz Season 4 Confirmed!!!

Hey guys, it has been almost two years since I posted about God’s Quiz Season 3 ending…And now I am back with amazing news that Season 4 has been confirmed! Original cast members are still on, such as hilarious Ryu Deok Hwan, and his onscreen “girlfriend” Yoon Joo Hee! The series will air on Sundays like before starting on May 18th! Also there has been news about new characters that were added: Super Junior’s Donghae, and Rainbow’s Jae Kyung. I am not too worried about these additions. I am not sure of Dong Hae’s filmography but I am assuming that if he is to play an adorable character it won’t be too difficult. But of course he may prove his versatility as an actor in this show. And Jae Kyung I am not sure about other than the fact that she is pretty chirpy in real life. But Donghae and her will be having a love line in the story. Cute, even though right now I’m wishing for the other love line to progress. Follow this blog for more information! I will keep you guys updated on news!


New Slap/Kiss Lakorn

Hey guys! I know that a lot of you are interested in slap/kiss lakorns. For those who don’t know, feel free to read my intro post on them: https://shamipula.wordpress.com/2012/08/06/gateway-lakorn/

You can also look at some of my favorite lakorns here…I still have to update with more: https://shamipula.wordpress.com/slapkiss-lakorn-list-3-3/

SO! I am really into this somewhat latest slap/kiss lakorn I just had to tell you guys to watch. This couple literally kisses everytime they meet lol. The story is interesting and I am not yet bored. You can check it out with english subtitles under Pimmberly Ann on youtube…I am sure you guys will love it!!!

Heartless City Season 2? S1Ending Spoilers*

Season 2 Possibility Rating/Reasoning (I think I will call it PRR from now on.) Up ahead after my rant…Enjoy!

This was truly a heartless ending indeed. I’ve never been in love, yet I think I’ve understood what heartbreak really is. Painful. Because the truth hurts, and the society that is so harshly yet so accurately depicted in this drama shatters a piece of my soul. As much as I wanted a happy ending, I knew from episode 1 that I wasn’t going to get the one I wanted; that I would be in hopeless relationship where my heart would jump with anxiety and flutter from love – only to become smithereens.

The world is like a mirror. If you spit and curse at it, the world will spit and curse at you back.”


I want to talk about three characters on the show that I have to really let my heart out on.

Jin Sook: Geez, the writers threw a boatload of crap all over Unni at once, First she finds out the two most cherished people of her life were together. Then we have her find out that Soo Min was a cop. And then she finds out Baksa was a cop. Then Safari dies…Soo dies…she realized she had loved a dick..actually i think she always knew that (Director Min)…and then Baksa dies.  I don’t think anyone else suffered as much as she has. She became strong because of her family, and now she is the only one standing.

The reason I’m talking about Jin Sook first is because I find her being the most difficult character to piece together. Her love and loyalty was so strong it seemed unbelievable. Yet you can’t not sympathize with her.  Though she lived a tough life, she was naive. I think that all she longed for were real feelings. Someone to care for her, cherish her, and want her to be safe and by their side. It didn’t necessarily have to be love, but prostitution, Safari, and Director Min, failed to give her that in the past. Baksa was and I think that led to her obsession of him. It may seem cruel to call it in an obsession, but she did hope for him to be forever by her side. I think this was also the reason as to why she became so attached to Soo Min…You would think as a Drug Donna, you wouldn’t easily trust someone. But here we have Soo Min, a complete stranger, saving her, doing her hair and following her every word…without reason? Though it may ring bells for us, for Jin Sook this was an innocent and harmless girl. Jin Sook needed the affection and she took her blind chance. So when she has the only two people who give her the love she needs come together, she had to become heartbroken. She felt her connection to them slip away so easily.

Hyun Soo: I didn’t trust this guy the whole show, and now I feel so bad about it because he may have been the most loyal guy. Of course he had some slip ups. And they made it seem he would turn on Baksa, but the fact that he changed from against Baksa to for him so fast shows how much faith he had in him. How much faith he has in every relationship. We can also remember in the beginning when his girlfriend died, how hurt he was. How mad he was. I had thought he was a player but you could see he wasn’t. When Soo Min entered Baksa’s hideout the first time, he didn’t even comment her looks..while I thought he would have probably checked her out. But he demanded she get out immediately. Baksa’s dedication and need for Hyun Soo to leave and move out of the business can also prove how worthy he was.

Soo Min: This character had so much potential in the beginning, and I was really excited for her character development yet, I was let down. As the show went along rather than becoming a turning point of influence, she became more of an obstacle. Every single time..EVERY TIME, I couldn’t understand why she couldn’t understand how much of a hindrance she was. But she kept trying to fix what she couldn’t. It bothered me so much everytime she asked him, “What about you? You’re in danger too!”. He very well knows that! But whatever you know, some people…

Season 2 Possibility Rating: 20%

As a sequel, I highly doubt it. I understand that the very last scene of the show is of Baksa’s back in a crowd on a cellphone. Unfortunately I am afraid we cannot say that this is enough buildup for another season. A lot of directors and tv shows like to play that card of the main character supposedly still being alive. It is just to create a stir, most of the time, among the audience. Plus I highly doubt he survived past the location of where he was shot. I assume this because if he didn’t, the ending would have consisted of  Jin Sook unni, Soo Min, and Ji Hyung Min racking their brains trying to find him…but it didn’t appear so. The story of the man called Jung Shi Hyun, I believe has come to an end. I think they shot that scene to make it seem like he will always be with us.

Of course a spin-off or a season 2 with different characters and story and such is always possible. I believe the show got pretty decent ratings, so I wouldn’t be surprised.

If you guys have any more questions on the ending, why it happened the way it did, or want me to talk about more of some characters, comment below!

OCN 2013 Line-Up!

OCN posted their 2013 line up video yesterday!

The short clip confirms the shows we were all dying to have another season for!!!!

Vampire Prosecutor Season 3! 


I already made several posts on this and I’m glad OCN listened to us!!

Looking forward to this the most 😀

TEN Season 2:

I wasn’t expecting this after a really confusing ending last season! I loved this show a lot and I’m glad they are considering this! Hopefully they will go over and clear up our confusion!

If you loved Vampire Prosecutor, and crime/mystery shows, I definitely recommend this show! It is on ViKi, and you will love it, I promise!


God’s Quiz Series: Looks like we won’t be having another season like I predicted.

Sad and dissappointed I know.

But I’m glad they are bringing back my most favorite shows! Thanks for the best christmas present ever OCN!

Vampire Prosecutor Season 3 Confirmed?

OMG GUYS! I am like freaking out now!

SO I just saw OCN’s 2013 Line-UP! and guess what is in there!

Vampire Prosecutor!

Looks like we’ll be having another season! This is great guys, best christmas present ever right??

Here’s the video of the line up!

I made a post right after season 2 ended about a month ago…check it out and comment what you’ll be looking forward to in the new season!


Vampire Prosecutor Season 3? *Spoilers* UPDATED

So guess what I just finished watching?

Season Finale of VP2!

It was a bittersweet ending, and thrilling farewell, however…

Season 3, no or go?

Last episodes are ones I like to see the most, because its what defines an entire drama after. At least for me. So do we have a good lead up for a high possibility for Season 3?

Here’s what I think:

Possibility Percentage (this is purely my personal thought, not real stats) for Season 4: 90%

Its pretty high isnt? Don’t kill me if we fall into that cursed 10 percent.


  • This one is pretty obvious: The one guy Tae Yeon tried to come after for about 7 episodes isn’t the Bad Blood we thought all along.
  • Tae Yeon is missing and the very last second we have a creepy person walking towards him and covers him with a dark bag. Hello. Oh and before we go on, I want to talk about this. As you probably noticed, when Tae Yeon sees him, he gives us a surprised look as if he knew him. WHO COULD IT BE? (Comment below for your guesses later!)
  • Jung In! We don’t see her after he frikin threw her out of the window. And right before he does, he says (somewhat) the same lines she imagined in the vampire drama episode earlier this season..so I figured maybe he would bite her…but then people were like, “No, he already bit someone, so he can’t turn someone else into a vampire…” But then in episode 10, doc friend says he didn’t really “turn” when her bit him. So can Tae Yeon still turn someone…? AGHH,
  • Usually how they piece together the last episode is what totally determines Season 4. The chances of having another season is low when we have a major wrapping up or truth unveiling scene. Although Bad Blood did have his wrapping up scene when he we see what he went through, and he tells us this major shocking detail about the team doc’s dad being involved in making him turn into a vampire, we are missing details as to who, what, when, where, and why this experiment got started, motives, etc. And we don’t know all the vampires that exist.
  • We didn’t see any glimpse of Yeon Jin (TY’s sister) Where the hell could she be?
  • We didn’t see major romance development with our two prosecutors. We saw 10 times  more than last season, but I’m always greedy.
  • We need to know if Dong Maniie got his permanent job. DUH. Not that after all that you wouldn’t get fired……;)
  • Our bitchy cheif didn’t get her ass kicked yet. Watch her be the Bad Blood. Then we’ll see major asskicking next season. It’ll be fun.
  • Soon Bum needs to get married. Dong Man needs a girlfriend.

I can’t think of anything else now guys lol:) Comment below if you have anymore to add to this list. We need a Season 3! Tell me as much as you can so that we can send OCN an email. I’ll do it. Really.

But I need your help!

UPDATEE: Looks like we’ll be having another season guys!

Click this link below!! For more info!!


Block B Controversy

Sorry guys for dissappearing for so long! School. ughhh -.-

So last weekend, I fell in love with Block B overnight.

I was on a kpop news site, and they were talking about the B-Block controversy that happened recently. First off, I know that I may not be on the same side as some of you guys. But I do have an opinion about it, and its not because I’m a BBC now.

For all of you who don’t know about it, BBC had a bad interview in Thailand. They were being rude by sprawling on the couch, folding their, and being…them. Heres a link to the interview w/ SUBs below on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6VTM4Yu8H5g

Basically it was a joke gone wrong. I feel so bad, because they are very young themselves, and people make mistakes. They are not gods. People shouldn’t be stabbing knives through them.

Nickkhun (2pm), also made his opinion through twitter on the interview, and it wasn’t very favorable towards Block B…which I get, from him being from Thailand and all, but I believe they took it too far, with all the members of 2 pm showing their “concern”.

Don’t get me wrong, I like 2 pm, but it wasn’t necessary to be so rash is my opinion.

And look, they even had a apology video that made me start bursting out in tears:(


So anyway, I saw the article, then I happened to rin into one of their songs on YouTube, which I absolutly fell in love with and thought was so cool: NaliNa!


They look like great dancers, singers, etc! And I went on this BB spree listening to all their songs. And I saw these FanSign videos of them that were so cute! ALL the members are really free and open with the fans…They had conversations with them and were teasing and getting along with everyone. I just fell in love with them on the spot. Controversy and all forgotten. And you know whats funny? Of course there are Anti-BBCs or whatever, but their fan base has been growing off of the controversy as well!

My favorite member right now is P.O. Talk about the cutest maknae ever! (maknae: “youngest of the group”)

Check out his funny fansign videos of him “falling in love with fans” and etc. I’m sure you’ll fall in love with him too.


So what did you think about the controversy? Do you guys agree with me? Are any of you BBCs too?Image

New Ryu Duk Hwan Fan!

I think I’m officially his fan. His acting in the God’s Quiz trilogy was absolutely amazing! There are very few actors who can make my cry and laugh along with them and be very attractive. *insert fan squeal if you would like* At first when I first saw him in God’s Quiz in 2010, I was like, “how come he doesn’t have anymore shows?” and what do you know?

He’s the king in Lee Min Ho’s new drama Faith!

I never really noticed his shortness in God’s Quiz, but he is such a short king in Faith! People have been complaining about it, and I’m really annoyed. He’s a good actor! He’s phenomenal in acting his supposed character as the king!

He made me laugh the entire time in God’s Quiz, and though he’s not really the humorous type in Faith, it seems we won’t be missing his character…

A new teaser has come out, and it looks like he might be coming out in the drama I’ve been raving about: Vampire Prosecutor 2!

Never thought this tense drama would have such humor huh? Still looking for subbed video, I’ll post it if I find it. If you guys find it, tell  me! Or comment if you know what they’re saying…Thank you!

Aishh, I absolutely love him! He has a great future, and I can’t wait to see more of him…

What do you guys think of him?~