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Gateway Lakorn

I ran into Lakorns when i came across other side of YouTube when I was watching some Vampire Diaries kiss scenes. (Come on girls, we know we all look up kiss scenes:P). So I watched this clip.

Now for those who have never heard of lakorns, let me define them to you.

shamipula definition:

Lakorn: A complicated, sometimes too extended soap opera centered around way too many misunderstandings between the main girl and main guy who hate each until the last episode because the main guy is arrogant and the main girl is stubborn, and often needs a rape scene to calm the guy down and tie the knot.

Yes you heard it right, a rape scene. But we’ll talk about that later.

The clip was a part of an episode in the drama “Sawan Biang”. I’ll provide a review for this lakorn later, but I’ll give an extremely brief synopsis: An interesting show with a hot guy basically molesting the main girl for the whole show because his ex is now married to his dad and he wants revenge, and the main girl just happens to be his ex’s sister. So he kidnaps her to his vacation house and makes love to her a million times till he finds out he’s in love with her…

Trust me. You’ll love this show if you like some rough love. I do. Is it vulgar? Despite the plot and its intentions, Thai people don’t put vulgar scenes on TV and the rape scenes in shows are basically the guy kissing her neck.

Anyway, after watching the entire show in less than 30 hours, I found out there’s practically an entire genre of lakorns that are centered around plots like this. Name of Genre: Slap and Kiss.

Genius. Why? Cause that’s what the main couple does whenever they meet. He says something stupid, she gets mad and slaps him. He gets mad and kisses her. Or rapes her.

I always love watching those scenes.

The kisses I mean. Not the rape.

As for the rape.

Recently, people have been showing concern for the rape scenes in lakorns because directors keep putting it in as if its like a mandatory part of the plot. I agree. it sometimes is unnecessary, BUT. It does keep you awake as to how the girl and/or guy will take care of it.

But why the heck would you fall in love with someone who raped you? Hello?

But thats their opinion. But. But. But.

So, regardless of the G rated rape scenes, I fell in love with this show because it was so interesting. Here’s the video I watched back then as a present:D The entire show is on YT if you’re interested. Perservere! Stick through it! You might like it! If you want to watch he next part or the rest of the series, you can find it in the playlist under Sawan Biang in “wishboniko” channel.

SO.  My gateway lakorn was Sawan Biang…what was yours if you’ve watched any?



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After several broken hearts in my hope to be in a relationship I discovered my like for sex and meeting new people. These are the stories.

5 responses to “Gateway Lakorn

  1. Samayra ⋅

    Do you know more lakorns like Sawan Biang? Its also my first Lakorn and still searching for 1 as good as that one…. so please tell me.. oh and i dont mind some slap/kiss or even rape…scene. Loved ur article!

    • shamipula

      Oh my gosh there are so many! And don’t worry, I am fond of the slap/kiss lakorns as well (tehe:P). Keep in mind a lot of older lakorns are the ones with the r scenes…now that you asked me, I think I might make a page on al the ones I’ve watched in that genre. But while you wait for that page, I’ll give you the next one to watch that is just as good!

      – Jam Loey Rak

      This one is about a hot guy who plans on getting revenge for his brother by kidnapping the girl his bro liked to this deserted island to torture her…but he got the wrong girl! and he refuses to believe it and so continues the slap and the kisses etc. The entire lakorn in on youtube under wisbonikos channel subbed! Check it out!

      • Samayra ⋅

        Yes!! I was looking for that actually. Especially if u have watched so many lakorns. It was a total coincidence that i came across them. I was reading a topic about Korean drama’s and i have been bored about them for a while. They just seem too ‘soft’ sometimes… Not that i haven’t seen some really great ones!! But there was just something missing.. something extra.

        I will watch – Jam Loey Rak soon. I cant wait! If you have more tips, please tell me. Im open to all sorts of drama from all over the world, so…go ahead haha.

  2. 14hlyang

    I would definitely recommend Pin Anong starring wier and min. All of the mv’s for this lakorn are pretty hot! It’s a must watch! 😛

  3. Rina ⋅

    OMG Pin Anong is my faavv!!
    And i really cant believe that i started watching lakorns the same way as you. Always been a fan of J n K dramas so was clicking on youtube vids (btw luv VD 2!) and it led me to Jam Loey Rak. Ever since that drama I have been obsessed! second drama was Sawan B. (load of other in between) then I watched Wong Wien Hua Jai and fell in love with Weir, and it led me 2 my fav lakorn Pin Anong! 😀

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