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Vampire Prosecutor Season 2!

There’s not a lot of shows and dramas that deserve an extra season. Sometimes a show drives you so insane, you’re like “what could possibly be left for it to have another season? seriously?” But then shows like C.S.I, and whatnot, its like compulsory. But there is about one show now on my mind that absolutly needs a season 2 and I will kill myself if it doesn’t come sooner.

1. Vampire Prosecutor 2. smfnkalskjfaoskdal.

Can I just say how much I LOVE VP? One of the best kdramas ever. I literally, whenever I’m having withdrawal, rewatch my favorite episodes over and over again. I have no idea how many times I watched that show. I watched it as it aired, and when it finished I was so mad. After they announced that there was a possibility of Season 2, I absolutley freaked. I googled it everyday to see if there would be any new information on it. Am I weird or what?

Well they finally revealed some info. I at first had heard it would air at the end of July and was absolutly ecstatic, but it was a lie.

They are airing September 9th 2012! Whoo-hoo!

Finally! I really missed the the bromance with the office and the heart wrenching tug-and-pull thing going on between Jung In and Tae Yeon. Just kiss her goddammit. Though its about a month away (-.-), I guess we can feed off of the teasers till then I guess. Its looking pretty good with all these sexy stills (too much eye make up on Tae Yeon though) and oh! the villain. Looks hot, which is great cause hot vampires giving killer standoffs will definitely be a sight to be seen.

And could he be a love rival too? Use Jung In to get to Tae Yeon? Jealousy!?

*sigh* If only that could be the plot. Hopefully they get a nice plot like last season. The director changed, but if they trusted a drama that had such humongous ratings to this director, they must believe he can do it right. He better do it right. Or we’re all coming over there.

I loved Jung In’s charachter in season1, she wasn’t annoying or naggy but she was strong and smart. And can be boss around gangsters at will. Thats so cool.

But her hair… was just too short.

Hakuna Matata! though<3


I’m loving her look this season and can’t wait to see her!

When I saw these cast pics (which you can find on google if you would like…) I freaked out that I couldn’t find Dong Man and was going to cry if he wasn’t recasted!

But I found it!


Translation: Seoul District Prosecutor’s Office special bureau member of the Joint Inspection Unit

Choi Dong Man (Kim Joo Yeong)
Late 20’s 

Make the switch to full-time employee! Dear young lives of this land! Finding the right!

The ability to be a total jerk as much as a genius, he is youthful, erratic and sleep-deprived.

As an investigator with a strong desire for self-esteem and to be full-time in microscopic examination at the joint special bureau, he always does his best. 

Awww…he lost the blond poofy hair look!
But its alright…I’m too excited to be pessimistic about the little things! Hope season 2 is a success!
What do you want to happen in Season 2? Do you think there are some loose things to be tied up? What about our new rival?

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