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God’s Quiz 3 Ending? *SPOILER*

Huh. Today I did a lot of crying. For some reason, lets just say its puberty, I’ve been being a bit overly emotional over things. I cry over little things, and sometimes over my own sad imaginations. 

But if someone was to make me cry through television, that means they are amazingly good actors. 

I finally watched the last episode of God’s Quiz 3 today, because it took forever for ViKi to sub it. (I don’t blame them though, it is summer vacation…). And I don’t know if I am dissapointed or not…

It seemed EXTREMELY rushed. Like, what the heck? And you had like three seconds to digest every bit of new information you were getting. Dr.Han has this “wrapping it up” scene in the balcony, and I was just like, WOW. But the evil cute guy was really cruel. Way too many people died.

1st cry: When all those police officers died and Baek Officer was holding them to his chest I was balling. 

2nd cry: When Professor killed himself! He was kind all the way trough all three seasons and to see him take suicide was like a stab through the heart for me.

3rd cry: When evil cute guy and Dr.Han have a standoff at the endishh. Ughhh. Dr.Hans acting just threw me off.

The departure between Dr.Han and Officer Baek, did NOT, make me cry. I was smiling, cause I thought it was really cute.

4th cry: Alright. The very last scene.Very very confusing. Did he die, or did he not? Well, when I first watched it, I was like wondering if I should start crying or not. And then It ended, so I scrolled down to see the comments, cause I knew there would be an uproar, and people were saying yes, he died. 

Why I think it would be insane if he did die: Ok, he went to see his girlfriend, with a SMILE on his face HAPPY and SHY(aww) . But then he takes the electromagnetic patch thing (why the hell would you do that Dr…) and collapses. If he were to die at all, knowing Dr.Han, he would die on his own, purposefully, to save other people. But it seemed like his other person had attacked him. If he took the patch off on purpose, to kill himself, he wouldn’t be smiling, he would looked at her from afar, and gone somewhere else to die.

*SOB* when he was lookin at her when he collapsed…

Season 4? Well if he died, I guess not, but if he didn’t, then possible.

But think about, what could it possibly be about. He had wrapped up everything that happened to him, could there be more things to do?

Yes, him and his girlfriend have to get together and have there happy ending, but a whole season for that?

~So what do you think? Do you think there should be another season and is there a high possibility there will be? Whats your opinion on the ending, and what do you think really happened? 


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3 responses to “God’s Quiz 3 Ending? *SPOILER*

  1. I watched the 3 seasons well and I’d say “What the heck?” if there will be no season 4. I didn’t watch all 3 seasons just to have that kind of ending. lol, sorry, I got carried away.
    Well… I think what happened to him was that, he was too overwhelmed by his emotion – which is contrary to what the doctor said to him, that he should manage it well. Or maybe the rude side somewhat killed him… but, is that even possible?

    I wish there’ll gonna be season 4. I badly demand it. 😀

  2. darkn3ss ⋅

    Well I’m still seriously hoping that the God of Drama hear me and give us a season 4, bcz season 3 ending is kinda disappointing.

  3. japankoreachina ⋅

    I totally agree! There should be a Season 4. I hate how this ended. I cried too. Haha. But the problem is my brain is telling me he really did die… While my heart is saying he is still alive… Man, I hope there is a season 4… at least it would put my heart at ease… If not a season 4, maybe a movie that will wrap it all up? I don’t know… I am dying of curiosity….

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