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New Ryu Duk Hwan Fan!

I think I’m officially his fan. His acting in the God’s Quiz trilogy was absolutely amazing! There are very few actors who can make my cry and laugh along with them and be very attractive. *insert fan squeal if you would like* At first when I first saw him in God’s Quiz in 2010, I was like, “how come he doesn’t have anymore shows?” and what do you know?

He’s the king in Lee Min Ho’s new drama Faith!

I never really noticed his shortness in God’s Quiz, but he is such a short king in Faith! People have been complaining about it, and I’m really annoyed. He’s a good actor! He’s phenomenal in acting his supposed character as the king!

He made me laugh the entire time in God’s Quiz, and though he’s not really the humorous type in Faith, it seems we won’t be missing his character…

A new teaser has come out, and it looks like he might be coming out in the drama I’ve been raving about: Vampire Prosecutor 2!

Never thought this tense drama would have such humor huh? Still looking for subbed video, I’ll post it if I find it. If you guys find it, tell  me! Or comment if you know what they’re saying…Thank you!

Aishh, I absolutely love him! He has a great future, and I can’t wait to see more of him…

What do you guys think of him?~


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