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  1. gretadee

    I watched all 3 seasons of Gods Quiz back to back and he was brilliant in every episode. I tend to download series then wait or hunt for the English subtitles before even attempting to watch them. I’ve still to watch VP 2 yet so that clip was a treat which I’ll enjoy later on today.

    I’m glad I watched Faith first, the way he sez hey! hey! in God’s Quiz cracked me up every time when he was remonstrating with the detectives or with his fellow team members. It would’ve spoiled the drama for me because the character he played was so different ~ as to his height, why the objections …… an old Scot’s saying….. ‘good gear comes in small bulk’.

    here’s a link to other dramas and movies he’s appeared in. You’ll be surprised because you’ve probably seen the majority of them, I’m going to watch the ones I have again just to see if I can spot him.

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