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Block B Controversy

Sorry guys for dissappearing for so long! School. ughhh -.-

So last weekend, I fell in love with Block B overnight.

I was on a kpop news site, and they were talking about the B-Block controversy that happened recently. First off, I know that I may not be on the same side as some of you guys. But I do have an opinion about it, and its not because I’m a BBC now.

For all of you who don’t know about it, BBC had a bad interview in Thailand. They were being rude by sprawling on the couch, folding their, and being…them. Heres a link to the interview w/ SUBs below on YouTube:

Basically it was a joke gone wrong. I feel so bad, because they are very young themselves, and people make mistakes. They are not gods. People shouldn’t be stabbing knives through them.

Nickkhun (2pm), also made his opinion through twitter on the interview, and it wasn’t very favorable towards Block B…which I get, from him being from Thailand and all, but I believe they took it too far, with all the members of 2 pm showing their “concern”.

Don’t get me wrong, I like 2 pm, but it wasn’t necessary to be so rash is my opinion.

And look, they even had a apology video that made me start bursting out in tears:(

So anyway, I saw the article, then I happened to rin into one of their songs on YouTube, which I absolutly fell in love with and thought was so cool: NaliNa!

They look like great dancers, singers, etc! And I went on this BB spree listening to all their songs. And I saw these FanSign videos of them that were so cute! ALL the members are really free and open with the fans…They had conversations with them and were teasing and getting along with everyone. I just fell in love with them on the spot. Controversy and all forgotten. And you know whats funny? Of course there are Anti-BBCs or whatever, but their fan base has been growing off of the controversy as well!

My favorite member right now is P.O. Talk about the cutest maknae ever! (maknae: “youngest of the group”)

Check out his funny fansign videos of him “falling in love with fans” and etc. I’m sure you’ll fall in love with him too.

So what did you think about the controversy? Do you guys agree with me? Are any of you BBCs too?Image


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