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Vampire Prosecutor Season 3? *Spoilers* UPDATED

So guess what I just finished watching?

Season Finale of VP2!

It was a bittersweet ending, and thrilling farewell, however…

Season 3, no or go?

Last episodes are ones I like to see the most, because its what defines an entire drama after. At least for me. So do we have a good lead up for a high possibility for Season 3?

Here’s what I think:

Possibility Percentage (this is purely my personal thought, not real stats) for Season 4: 90%

Its pretty high isnt? Don’t kill me if we fall into that cursed 10 percent.


  • This one is pretty obvious: The one guy Tae Yeon tried to come after for about 7 episodes isn’t the Bad Blood we thought all along.
  • Tae Yeon is missing and the very last second we have a creepy person walking towards him and covers him with a dark bag. Hello. Oh and before we go on, I want to talk about this. As you probably noticed, when Tae Yeon sees him, he gives us a surprised look as if he knew him. WHO COULD IT BE? (Comment below for your guesses later!)
  • Jung In! We don’t see her after he frikin threw her out of the window. And right before he does, he says (somewhat) the same lines she imagined in the vampire drama episode earlier this I figured maybe he would bite her…but then people were like, “No, he already bit someone, so he can’t turn someone else into a vampire…” But then in episode 10, doc friend says he didn’t really “turn” when her bit him. So can Tae Yeon still turn someone…? AGHH,
  • Usually how they piece together the last episode is what totally determines Season 4. The chances of having another season is low when we have a major wrapping up or truth unveiling scene. Although Bad Blood did have his wrapping up scene when he we see what he went through, and he tells us this major shocking detail about the team doc’s dad being involved in making him turn into a vampire, we are missing details as to who, what, when, where, and why this experiment got started, motives, etc. And we don’t know all the vampires that exist.
  • We didn’t see any glimpse of Yeon Jin (TY’s sister) Where the hell could she be?
  • We didn’t see major romance development with our two prosecutors. We saw 10 times  more than last season, but I’m always greedy.
  • We need to know if Dong Maniie got his permanent job. DUH. Not that after all that you wouldn’t get fired……;)
  • Our bitchy cheif didn’t get her ass kicked yet. Watch her be the Bad Blood. Then we’ll see major asskicking next season. It’ll be fun.
  • Soon Bum needs to get married. Dong Man needs a girlfriend.

I can’t think of anything else now guys lol:) Comment below if you have anymore to add to this list. We need a Season 3! Tell me as much as you can so that we can send OCN an email. I’ll do it. Really.

But I need your help!

UPDATEE: Looks like we’ll be having another season guys!

Click this link below!! For more info!!


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72 responses to “Vampire Prosecutor Season 3? *Spoilers* UPDATED

  1. i just have a few question about the series too. like how the hell did they survive the explosion? lol. and where is prosecutor yoo? i know that if there will be season 3, she will still be alive but how? after the “freaking handsome psycho vampire” sucked her blood. (it will be a great season 3 since she already know that, at least, a vampire exists.. wee! more love story i hope) also that bad blood vampire, i think the writers already introduced him/her on the drama. still thinking if it was indeed the chief. come to think of it, the “freaking handsome psycho vampire” said this line “i guess it was just me and her that is not a prosecutor..” i believe the “her” that he was talking about was prosecutor min’s sister at that time. so the possibility that the bad blood was the chief is sorta high. but nah… also the dead vampire in the green room flicked his hand, so yes he will still appear on season 3 i guess. and btw, is the doctor(friend of prosecutor min that saw the bad blood) a vampire? sort of confused.

    i am positive too that there will be season 3. but i hope we won’t have to wait for a year. :<

    • shamipula

      HAHAA, the film industry has always found a way to confuse us with the idea of getting out of the fire. I’m sure it will be revealed and can be inferred that the Bad Blood got MTY out or something. Yes, I’m finding it a little confusing with Yoo as well, how she could be alive. But VP2 has its ways I’m assuming…Doctor Friend do you say it…was a vampire. He seems to have injected himself with something, or something must have went wrong when MTY bit him. YES I WANT MORE LOVE STORY! of course the story as it is is amazing..but more love story would be great too lol:) Thanks for your comment!

    • tabigirlb

      1st, i believe that Pros. Yoo is alive…since she and Pros Min needs to get married.. LOL
      2nd, Dr. La is a NOT vampire…he revealed that when Pros Min bit him, he didn’t became a vampire, and when he cut his hand or finger it didn’t healed instantly… so that means Dr La isn’t a vampire…
      3rd, i guess Pros. Min survived the explosion by the help of the real BAD BLOOD, since that BAD BLOOD has Pros Min wrapped in that black bag.
      4th, i guess the real BAD BLOOD is Pros. Min’s sister… (just a random thought)

      let’s anticipate season 3!! ^__^

  2. Hey Shamitha~
    Nice to find your blog ^_^ Gotta say, it would kind of work well for the ‘boss lady’ to be the other bad blood in that she is a prosecutor and someone whose face MTY is familiar with. However, Raul would have said that it was a female he saw in the first place if it really was. Also, it would be decidedly lame of the writers to use MTY’s boss as the unexpected villain for a second time (first time, Jang Chul Oh). Speaking of which, that’s another one of the possibilities left totally open – Jang’s resurrection. Oooooh I am so worked up! I knew this season was too short to deal adequately with everything the creators were putting on the table. I’m glad they know that and I think them incredible for making a second season which both intricately agreed with and greatly expanded on the awesome first season.

    • shamipula

      Hey! Thanks for your comment! Yes, I also did think about how it would be repetition again if it was the cheif prosecutor again…I guess the writers are trying to make us link it to how Jang may have resurrected when his fingers twitched. That would make sense with how he was surprised as well. SO good thought! I also agree with how short the season was. It was short already last season, and I really do hope they contemplate adding another season:)))) However if they do not add another season at the end, like you said I think I would still be happy with two seasons they gave us. 😛

      • Mizzy Jackson ⋅

        i wouldnt be happy with those too seasons i might sound greedy but it would make sense to me if they just stopped wen MTY was surprised i wanna knoe who was standing over him. I wanna knoe does Jung In and MTY finally has a romance going she been crushing for the last two seasons and i see in MTY eyes that he feels the same way.Lastly i wanna know does Jung In turn into a vampire because when that same vampire bite Park Hoon he turned into a vampire and he is lik a virus spreading around and infecting cells so i wonder or does it work for him when he bites his first victum that he turns into a vampire

  3. tabigirlb

    i have questions in mind, why is that psycho vampire being experimented, before? or how come there were group of people experimenting someone to become a vampire? what’s the real motive of that group…? i can’t sleep thinking for answer, i need season 3, ASAP!

  4. Q ⋅

    I’m more hoping Yoo is a vampire in the next season since crazy L bite and sucked her blood and then Min dropped her off the building in what seemed to be trash? or something and then you don’t see her at all in the jump forward…. But I went back and watched the very first ep of VP again the part where min gets turned and all it shows is a vampire biting him not him drinking of the vampire like in american movies. Soooo and given L’s was already proven to be able to turn people in to vampires IE The doc. so it wouldn’t be that much of a step to assume his bite could turn someone if he didn’t suck them dry. just a thought. I ut thought in to it cause MAN I’m hoping she is a vampire and going to get her man back 😛 ^_^

  5. @ tabigirlb – lol to your first comment! I like your simplistic reasoning and agree with you about Prosecutor Yoo. However, the story is going to be so different because she knows about vampires! (notice how I’m speaking as though I know that they’re going to make another season… perhaps I shouldn’t be so sure) In the ending, everything happened in such a rush that I couldn’t tell what all she found out: but aside from biting her, L said things to Min Tae Yeon which I think informed Prosecutor Yoo about what MTY is. As far as a romance between Yoo and Min, though, there’s one big problem: is Min ‘immortal’ in the sense that he won’t get old? L hasn’t gotten physically older since he was turned into a vampire, and it seemed that Park Hoon didn’t get older either. Considering that if the logic of the show is consistent and Yoo didn’t get turned into a vampire (because L has bitten LOTS of people before her, and the two ways to turn into a vampire are 1) to be the first victim of another vampire, and 2) to have vampire blood injected into you) then she’d get older while MTY didn’t. That’s a heartbreaking deterrent to getting together.

  6. han jung suk ⋅

    You guys should have season three because this movies is very awsome and I want to see if prosecutor yoo is going to turn into a vampire too so I really want OCN to have season 3 of vampire prosecutor this is an awsome movies

  7. Hanna Lee ⋅

    hi shamipula, so glad to found your blog too [again with the other commenters]… Anyway, yes i believe there will be a season 3 for the series. There are alot of questions to be ask from this season [as i have think]
    1st. maybe prosecutor Park is still alive [remember MTY’s creator, I still hope that he is alive since he can be used for the case to be solve] and maybe he is the bad blood or
    2nd. Mr.Bad Blood must be chief prosecutor Jang
    3rd. [again] we’re is MTY’s sister
    4th. maybe [just a little hope] that prosecutor yoo might have a hang of it and be just like detective hwang and help find MTY. Since they all have lost their job ‘cuz of the mad greedy woman prosecutor chief. [i still hope that prosecutor yoo will also be more in love ad out spoken for her feelings to MTY since MTY already save her alot.. like really alot…]
    5th. there are still alot of mysteries that was not answered, all the mysteries in the experiment, [the old politician that became a vampire b4 Mr handsome killer vampire escape from the military base] and where did the vampire blood came from that turned them all to become vampires.
    anyways, waiting for season 3 ….

  8. Ai.Fd ⋅

    i was hoping that Luna’s character by Yamashita Yuriko still live in season 3.. love to see it..

    • shamipula

      I would love to see her too…however I do think she was murdered…so it’s not very likely…I know, that is kind of dissappointing…hoever I guess the writers may have something in their mind for another supernatura power to help MTY? Maybe? :))) Thanks for your comment!

  9. I enjoyed reading your blog and all the comments and theories on what could be happening in season 3. There are a lot of blanks that can be speculated over and a lot of characters with loose ends that were never addressed

    *Vampire Park – It seems that he was the first victim of our good looking evil vampire and that is how he turned. This seems to have been about 20 years prior to the current story line. (I should make a timeline to really see how all the events play out in relation to each other.) He was looking for the and discussing the ‘Bad Blood’ previously. This seems to have been when he was talking with the Doctor/bartenter friend before MTY was turned into a vampire, but I’m not sure how much before. All of the scenes that he was in this season seemed to have been flashbacks so there was no information on where he was during the current timeframe. This is actually my guess for the mysterious person at the end that has MTY.

    * Doctor/Bartender – In season 1 we found out that he was the one who created Jang Chul Oh by injecting him with vampire blood because he wanted to see if vampire blood could heal humans. I had originally thought that he himself was a vampire and that is where he got the blood to turn Jang. If that is the case who turned the doctor to begin with? In the second season we see that at this point he is not a vampire, but was he always not a vampire in this series? My first thought was that he was a vampire but somehow MTY’s bite would cause him to become human again. Not sure about any of that.

    *Politician at the beginning of Season 2 – There really wasn’t much about this guy but if he was turned could he be the ‘Bad Blood’? It seemed like the Doctor saw the ‘Bad Blood’ in the place where the experiments we going on at the beginning. Is it possible for him to have been the person who put the new lady Chief prosecutor in charge? If he was still in politics after 20 years you would think that people would notice that he’s not aging.

    *Chief Prosecutor Joo – There really wasn’t a lot about her other than making things difficult for our team. She has a royally bad personality and a lack of morals, but other than that she didn’t have much of an impact on the show at all.

    *Prosecutor Yoo – I really don’t think that they would do a season 3 without her, but I also don’t think that they will have her turn into a vampire at this point either. I Don’t think that she turned because she was not a vampires first victim, and she did not ingest or have injected, vampire blood. It never said that vampire bites are poisonous during the series. In the first season the cause of death was heart failure due to blood loss. She was bitten but not drained because the evil vamp wanted MTY to drain her. So I would guess that she suffered from blood loss and would then recover. There are a couple ways I can see things going in Season 3. Due to the trauma and loss of blood she might not remember what happened and then through out the season she’ll have flashbacks until she discovers the truth. Or she could remember what happened, but pretend like she doesn’t so that MTY can tell her when he’s ready. She would end up being in some situations where she tries to cover for his secret and both of them pretend the other doesn’t know in order to ‘protect’ the other person. Either way I foresee a build up and overload of sexual tension.

    *Yeon Jin – There was no new information this season as to her whereabouts. I do not think that it is possible for her to be the ‘Bad Blood’ because I believe Park was looking for the BB long before she was turned. I do think that she is the one being referenced when L said ‘I guess it’s just me and her that aren’t prosecutors.’ I don’t know how two would have met or if our bad guy had any idea where she was at the time.

    *Vampire L – First I can’t remember his name and can’t remember why he is being refered to as L. It’s hard to separate out when he was lying and when he was being truthful. At one point he said that someone he cares about was in danger. If this was a true statement, is the person he cares about Yeon Jin? Also if MTY survived it seems possible that L could have survived as well. I wasn’t really clear on how the theory of how he was turned into a vampire in the first place. There was a brief mention of ‘Lilith’ as the first vampire (flashbacks to watching ‘Supernatural’) then it wasn’t mentioned again.

    I’m sure there are more thoughts that have escaped my at this time but that’s some of them.

    • shamipula

      Hey! I loved reading your comment, it helped me see the storyline better. On the case of Doc La, I believe actually that Jang Chul Oh was the one that turned him. Because I remember earlier in Season 2, he was talking to La about him being a vampire and La didnt believe him. Chul Oh got angry and shoved him up on the wall and threatened him, but they didnt show the next clip of him biting or anything…but soon after in another flashback, they suddenly start having a serious conversation. So I figured that he bit and everything, but the situation seemes too calm for that…

      SO MY FINAL CONCLUSION, anyways (sorry lol, i get carried away) is that maybe Ra was experimenting with vampire blood like Chul Oh asked him to for a cure, but injected himself or something crazy and made himself into a “vampire”. But later on realized he really wasn’t…you know what I’m saying? I know that sounds confusing, but I think that is more likely to have happened with his charachter..and i don’t know if it is just me but did they ever say that MTY was the person that bit him word for word? I think I may be misunderstanding.

  10. Exploding-goats ⋅

    Okay so If Tae didn’t turn Dr. La, then who was the first person that he has bitten. Also , Dong Man needs a permanent job. Chief Bitch is Bad Blood, then DAMN! That would be interesting! So we know that the prosecutor who was turned into a vampire was bitten by BB, and that this vampire is not BB, and not Jang Chul Oh, or Ji Yeon, then that takes away all the vampires that we know of… I am going to stick with the idea of Chief Bitch! Also, Tae needs manners! He should know that it is not nice to push ladies off of buildings.

  11. Hi ! Hi ! I’m a fangirl of Yeon Jeong Hoon (Min Tae Yeon) . I love to discuss about Vampire Prosecutor.. so, let me give my opinion 😀

    HEY, is the Bitchy Chief the Bad Blood? :O I don’t think so. Vampires can’t eat or drink anything except blood (that’s what I see from Min Tae Yeon geomsa 🙂 ) But, in the first episode, where she’s having a meeting with her boss, and tell him about Tae Yeon’s team, she drinks the beer when Tae Yeon is about to leave! ( did you understand what I mean? )
    I know there are so many speculation about who is the Bad Blood. but it’s my opinion.. m(__)m
    I first thought the guy who kidnapped Min Tae Yeon in the last episode is Jang Chul Oh. So, I guess the Bad Blood is him. BUT, Dr. Ra ( the bartender ) told detective Hwang that the vampire he saw on the bunker isn’t Jang nor L . So? The chief? O.o I guess when Min Tae Yeon looking at his body, it’s a man.. Oh damn, I’m confused..

    And, oh yeah.. my conclusion about why they create vampires is:
    Dr.Jo’s dad wanted to make Dr.Jo cured from his talasemia, so he and the professor work together to create vampire, and.. they took L as their experiment, and it works, L then become vampire.. Then, to make sure their experiment, they took another experiment. You know in the episode 1 where there’s an old man shot and taken into the lab and become vampire too? That’s the another experiment to make sure that people that contaminated with vampire blood will also become vampire..

    How could I say that? Well, when L told TaeYeon about his painful living after becoming a vampire, L said that he asked Dr.Jo’s dad to let him go , Dr.Jo’s dad said “I’m sorry, I can’t. If you go, my son’s disease can not be cured”

    Oh yeah, if Jung In becomes vampire, I don’t want to watch it anymore.. lol
    Cuz I just like this –> ( O,o )

    nice to commenting here.. 🙂

    • shamipula

      Good theory, i guess you are right about the bitchy chief not being able to be bad blood…good analysis! I did not think of that:) Plus the other commenters were right…it would be too much repetition if the bad guy is the cheif again…hopefully new charachters next season? i really want some love interest and jealousy going in the next season hopefully…also i actually think it would be interesting if jung in turns into a vampire…it would make the plot escalate:PP

      • thanks 🙂
        and oh yeah, the one who is the Bad Blood should be a man, and have tattoo in his hands.. See the season 2 teaser , that guy have tattoo in his hands!! :O

        I guess L’s bite won’t turn Jung In into a vampire.. Cuz, I guess it’s like what happened in season 1 where Jang Chul Oh bit a prosecutor too ( I forgot her name , but after that, she got a terrible trauma , you know what I mean ? lol )
        So I guess the case is like that (hopefully) 😛

      • shamipula

        I think L had the tattoo, no?

  12. I don’t see any tatto on L’s hand.. In my favorite episode, episode 5 when Tae Yeon and L meet for the first time and fight. I didn’t see any tattoo at his hand..
    Looks like OCN will give us new character? 🙂

    • shamipula

      I love new charachters! Hopefully a love obstacle for Jung In too?? Just hopes, Iknow.

      • GoodBlood ⋅

        Yes, in the trailer there was a (young) man with a tattoo on his right hand and after seeing him, Min Geomsa said ” Foud you, Nappeun Pi”. However, the person who is holding MTY in Ep.11 in Season 2 took the cover off MTY with his right hand and there was no tattoo. so perhaps either the screenwriters made something wrong and the bad blood will have a tattoo or the trailer simply was a trailer with no deeper meaning. As to who the real bad blood is…it’s not Jang Chul Oh or Yeon Jin, because La said he saw BB while looking for those two. It’s also not Park Hoon. Neither L. sorry to say that but I guess it’s the bitch chief. she also wears a black smoking like jacket and a buttoned white shirt. so it is either her or someone we don’t know. I know the bitch chief drank Soju or beer with that geezer but humans don’t die from drinking blood so a vampire shouldn’t die from drinking something humans drink. I’d hope bad blood is a new character and is played by actors Song Joon Ki, Yoochun or Moon Joo Won. Joon kI played a warewolf 2012, so why not trying to be a vampire in 2013^^ and Yoochun looks similar to MTY they’d match nice. Joo Won would also be a great villain

  13. Panda ⋅

    I can’t wait for Vampire Prosecutor Season 3 ..
    I hope Jung In becomes a vampire, and who plays the character of Jung In’s still Lee Young Ah as I heard Lee Young Ah will not play in Vampire Prosecutor Season 3 😦
    So Sad 😦
    Please Lee Young Ah plays the character of Jung In, Vampire Prosecutor Season 3 🙂
    I love it with Jung In and Tae Yeon, hopefully in season 3 more romantic scenes between Jung In and Tae Yeon # hope 😀
    Love Yun Jung Hoon = Min Tae Yeon and Lee Young Ah = Yoo Jung In ❤

    But I'm a little confused by what it Bad Blood ?
    I wonder who the real Bad Blood ?

    • shamipula

      Where did you hear that Lee Young Ah will not play Season 3??? Oh no! We can’t have the show without Lee Young Ah!

      • Panda ⋅

        I’ve read on the internet but I forget what the name of the website ..
        I didn’t know it was true or not , it’s make me crazy LOL
        After I read it, I was surprised, so I’m looking for more info about Lee Young Ah 😦
        I hope Yoo Jung In remains, and Lee Young Ah who plays the character of Yoo Jung In ..
        #Help me to pray :3 ehehehe

        Oh yeah , OCN please don’t make us wait until 1 year :3

      • shamipula

        I do remember in a certain BTS video, Lee Young Ah says, “Hwaiting Season 3!” So I’m hoping she is involved and will be in season 3 as well…

    • but Yeon Jeong Hoon is married already.. 😛
      Jung In not in VP3 ? ohh..
      I like her, but I don’t want her to be a vampire, you know… I hate it.. lol..

      • Panda ⋅

        shamipula :: Really? Are you sure? wow, I hope Lee Young Ah plays in season 3, #happy \(^.^)/

        李珺芬 (@Steff_and_U) :: Why ?
        but Jung In bitten by a vampire ?

      • Panda ⋅

        李珺芬 (@Steff_and_U) :: Yeah I know Yeon Jeong Hoon is married with Han Ga In 😀

      • panda : did you notice in season 1 ? where a woman prosecutor (I forgot her name, sorry) is also bitten by a vampire, Jang Chul Oh. And, guess what? She didn’t become a vampire.. and end up dead in a terrible trauma (around eps 11 or 12 😛 ) . And I guess L already bit more than 1 people, so I guess there’s no possiblity she’ll turn to a vampire.. sorry if you mad, but that’s my opinion *peace 🙂 * m(__)m

    • Mizzy Jackson ⋅

      Lee Young Ah is not playing as Jung In? Awee i dont believe it! The romance between Jung In and Tae Yeon just begun i hope she stay she only did two seasons she perfect for Jung In that spinky attitude she signatures it awwwe 😦

      • Panda ⋅

        李珺芬 (@Steff_and_U) :: Of course already , right ? I had forgotten >.<
        so , do you think Jung In becomes a vampire , or what ?

        Mizzy Jackson :: I'm not sure, pray that Lee Young Ah plays as Jung In ^.^

  14. ScarfGirl43 ⋅

    Shamipula OMG!!!! I loved reading all the comments and so happy I found this blog…
    Okay I think the real bad blood is going to be a new character(someone that might’ve helped L and has Min’s sister)
    It can’t be the new bitchy chief form the second season or the first chief from the first season
    It can’t be the Min’s sister
    I also thought it was that old guy( the one from the first ep on the second season, that was shot and got blood from L… For some reason they didn’t show if he was killed or anything else about him) but its probably not him…
    So it must be a new character someone that has to do with the experiment form the first ep…lol but I’m sooOo curios about it…ugh
    PleZzzzz OCN we really need season 3 ASAP!!!

  15. Chrismaniar ⋅

    i have season 3 !!!! pleas season 3

  16. Mizzy Jackson ⋅

    i think that guy( cant remember name) is the guy who stand in front of min tae yeon was the guy who jumped with yeon jin in the water cuz remember when hs finger twitched when he was laying there on the bed it odvius min tae yeon was surprised to see him walkin around since he saw him stiff like a rock on the bed

  17. soyun ⋅

    i think the prosecuter guy from the last season stole ty because in the season finalize his hand was twitching

  18. Mello ⋅

    I’m not rooting for Tae Yeon/Jung In’s romance…I’m not totally against it, but their love seems so cliché, or maybe I just became quite indifferent about K-dramas lead couples. Also, I don’t want her to turn into a vampire because of him.

    I don’t understand why Dr. Jo’s dad couldn’t let L go, he only had to let L bite his son to turn him into a vampire so he’ll be strong enough or fully recover…why keeping him locked up?

  19. Mello ⋅

    Also…is Dong man the actor who is also a R&B/pop singer? Kim Joo Young? Someone confused these 2 on a website, but the birthdates don’t match…one was born in 1987, the other was born in 1991. Anyone could confirm? I don’t have enough pics of the singer to confirm this by myself.

  20. Lio ⋅

    First of all, I accidentally found this little gem in Netflix. I started watching and instantly loved the show. Even though i don’t know any Korean, the subtitles helped alot. Oh and i now have a crush on Lee Young Ah aka Prosecutor Jung In. Thanx alot VP 🙂 Anyways, on to the main topics. 1) i seriously hope they come out with VP3 because its a very addictive show imo. Their twist on the vampire realm is absolutely refreshing. 2) The Bad Blood will not be The Chief, because as everyone stated above me, that will be another cliche that they’ve already explored and she eats human food, which in this realm is a no-no for vampires. 3) Pros Jung In will not be a vampire because again like everyone says, the only way you turn is to get injected or be the FIRST victim of a vampire. I do love the build up between both Prosecutors and i do hope they end up together, not like in a Twilight way either 😦 4) Dong Man should become a full time employee because of how he upped his game from season 1 to season 2. He grew up and stepped up his A-game alot. 5) From what i understood, Doctor/Bartender friend was a vampire and somehow MTY’s bite turned him back to human. So with that in mind, it looks as if MTY’s bite is the cure and that’s what the friend is trying to determine. 6) And finally, Soon Bum should run into his ex, the one Luna predicted that she moved on, and SHE is the BAD BLOOD..MUAHAHAHA. J/K, Seriously we should see what she looks like since he was bragging how hawt she looked. And obviously they should hook up, duh. Well thats my two cents. Does anyone know if they greenlighted the go ahead for VP3?

  21. yessis ⋅

    i hope jung in and tae yeon have together ^^

  22. Dolce ⋅

    YOU MISSED OUT ON A VAMP!!! The prrevious vamp proscutor from season 1 that “died” and kept in Dr. blood’s/bartender’s hideout CAME BACK TO LIFE! his fingers moved at the end!! MAYBE he will reveal some clues nxt season! Maybe he’s the bad blood? GAHHHHH Can’t wait for season 3!! kekes maybe jung in turned into a vamp as well and they can live happily ever after!

  23. zoeyher ⋅

    I just got done watching it too!
    I really hope they do have a 3rd season. They didn’t switch the number at the end of the season, but it seemed like they almost did. I feel like they really want to have a 3rd season, but it’s not an official go. It’s such a good drama with so many things happening, so many questions unanswered. There must be a VP3!!!! 🙂

  24. zoeyher ⋅

    Here are some of my thoughts:

    -WTH Happened to LUNA!?? Did she really die? I felt like it was not very confirmed well enough, but if she really did die then… man….
    -I would hope that Yoo does not become a vampire. That would kill the whole love story by a bunch. I love the human vampire thing!
    -Dong Man and Soon Bum need woman….. for real.
    -The Bad Blood must be someone that we’ve seen before, but was not very important to us from the beginning. I feel like it might not be VPark because I believe he was also looking for the Bad Blood. It must be someone else…. but I could be all wrong about it
    -But I’m thinking that the person TY sees will not be Bad Blood. Just to keep the drama going, I think they wouldn’t start with that. If they did, then it sort of ruins the whole drama really fast.
    -NEED MORE OF THE LOVE between TY and JI.

    Great Blog 🙂

  25. Arranti ⋅

    I don’t know why I got this strong feeling that the Bad Blood is the female chief. We didn’t see her after the scene in highway, and when they were in the office she was like frontally said that pros. Min won’t see pros. Yoo anymore. AND when I see the clothes between the chief and the person who min tae yeon see at the end of episode, it’s almost the same. But what makes me confuse, when the real bad blood at the end of episode approach min taeyeon, I heard some sound like the lighter.

  26. TCM ⋅

    somehow i get the feeling that the real bad blood might be the doctor that was responsible for the vampire/lilith project, see how at the beginig he is the first person biten by the politician vampire that was turned with L’s blood. i sugest L could not know of the existence of the doctor vampire but he could have met yeon before… also, the vampire prs. on the green room fought the real bad blood. he is a scientist maybe he has continued his research on vampires, i want to watch it over again i hope they don’t make us wait to long for the next season if there is

  27. mary ⋅

    I can’t wait for the next season to come out, crossing my fingers, and as to who the person he sees I think it might be his chief a women not a man. I just have a feeling its her.

  28. Hilda ⋅

    I can’t wait any longer for the next season to come out….. Hope there’z some ROMANTIC scene between the 2 Prosecutor … * if that girl still alive !! i Hope that girl will still live >> Vampire…

  29. lucy ⋅

    i can’t wait for next vampire prosecutor season 3..
    like you lee young ah 🙂

  30. Lavovo ⋅

    I just finished VP2. I have my idea that someone unknown is Bad Blood. With the supposedly firey death of vampire L, I think it shows that MTY and Dr.La may have been on the wrong track, and therefore the audience as well. Vampire L was INJECTED with someone’s blood for the transformation to happen. They never showed that body. Also Prosecutor Jang Chul Oh always seemed to know more than MTY about everything in season 1. If he is the one that lifted the bag cover it may just be as a worker to BB.
    Second note, Also you aren’t not allowed to turn 2 people right? So how did Jang change MTY’s sister and Dr. La? Maybe Jang was taking care of YJ because she was attacked by BB and he felt responsible? Unless La was just providing Min with blood just for funsies in season 1 without any need to have them stockpiled for himself.
    Idk about the female Chief being a vampire. I feel like Luna would have sensed her since she was in there building a lot. Also I can’t remember if they were able to shoot that old politician down in the first episode. Would be something if that old guy is the same guy. Then that could put the Chief somewhere in the whole Vampire Plot b/c he specifically told her to keep all of them in line, especially our loveable MTY.

  31. Vote for Soon Bum ⋅

    OK, so Netflix had VP with English subtitles (huzzah!) Found VP2 on VIKI. Watched them both inside of 2 weeks. Here it is, IMHO:
    1) MTY liked YJI for a *long* time. The sexual tension isn’t a new thing, man. He was always giving her glances and at no point did he say he didn’t like her. “She was always a watermelon with her lines lightly drawn,” may be the cutest confession in the history of time. Just say, “she’s always beautiful,” and get it over with. LOL Oh–and turn down the eyeliner. We can see that from space.
    2) YJI was a bit doe-eyed for a while in VP1, but I think showing her around her father helped to weather her and show her inner strength. If she was still starry-eyed, I would worry about her ability to cope, but I think she’s seen enough that she can take MTY being a vampire. She’s definately still human, though; she’s banged up but still among the living. Why nobody called her dad in VP2, ep11 I have no idea. His goons would’ve eaten up everybody to get to her.
    3) I’m with so many others: give Dong-Man a job. The guy has a tiny car and no girlfriend. Give him some benefits. He’s the cutest thing ever. I want to adopt him.
    4) I’m not entirely convinced that Luna is dead. I know there’s a bunch of blood, but still…. It’s a vampire show. There are a lot of places we could go with that. I would love it if she’s still alive and she starts dating Hwang Soon-Bum. Which brings me to…
    5) He’s like a teddy bear who needs to be snuggled. Get the poor guy somebody to love! He’s sweet, loyal, sincere, a little block-headed, yes, but still loveable. GIRL FOR SOON BUM! GIRL FOR SOON BUM!
    6) The crazy wench boss is BB. Just because MTY declines food doesn’t mean that vampires can’t eat/drink human food; it just means he didn’t want to. So the evidence that she did throughout season 2 is just evidence that she felt like it. At no point do they say, “if a vampire eats human food, they will DIE.” That would be a huge vulnerability to an otherwise virtually indestructable being. Knives? No problem. Guns? Bring ’em on. A hamburger? Oh, dear god, NO!
    7) I do feel bad for the bartender. I can see where he was trying to help people and it went horribly, horribly wrong. I don’t think he was ever a vampire. He just always knew vampires and what they need and how to help them. He’s basically a roadie. He does the heavy lifting, the hiding and concealing, gets blood,..but he’s not really in the band. He needs to have a bigger role if they do VP3.
    8) Bring back surperflous characters for more fill. I miss Jang Chul-Oh, Park Hoon, MTY’s sister,…they’re delightful. As much as I hated Gabriel, he was a sparkling counterpoint to MTY. Every story needs a fabulous designer in feathers.
    9) Now that Dr. Jo is gone and MTY is..let’s go with “busy,” what’s going on with Ji-Ae? Tell me she’s not being raised by Dong-Man. He still lives with his mom. That poor kid…. Is she going to learn or figure out that uncle isn’t coming? Way to stick it to a seven-year-old. And finally,
    10) Don’t leave us hanging!! Bring on VP3!!! Otherwise, we will cry.

    • shamipula

      Ahaha, really good point with YJI’s gangster dad! Why didn’t they contact him…That could be a writers mistake, but I do remember one of the first scenes of ep 1 in Season 2, she is in court on a case for him..I feel she may have had him convicted fro murder.

    • Sarah ⋅

      yes, yes, yes to everything you said 🙂

  32. mrk fan ⋅

    je crois que quand il y a l’explosion on voit une tache noir sortir de la fenetre donc jimagine que c’est comme sa qu’il a survecu

  33. miaki ⋅

    I think of having seen a spot black taking(bringing) out to quote(esteem) him(it) left of the window when there was an explosion what explains how TY survived and of more the bad blood cannot be the DR because he was with the detective when one to remove the bag of the tete of TY then I thought that the bad blood could be the superior(higher education) of their boss or then TY would not be surprised because he knows the one who removes the bag of the head but simply pasquil realizes that he did not kill the good bad blood or still because there is somebody others in the room and that it is him whom he knows ^^ it is only supposition

  34. Fanny DL

    can i still discuss this? cause i just finish watching VP2 :p

    my 1st suspect for BAD BLOOD is Dr. La (JaeWook) that is friend with MTY. he’s really giving me strange feeling’s vibe.
    In VP2 he show us Jang Chul Oh dead body, but it moves his finger! it means JCO is still alive!

    When MTY try to found L whereabout, he find Dr. La instead.
    Says he’s hiding from BadBlood and else.. it seems like made up story.. just llike about how he met JCO, and his statement how he met BadBlood..

    he was bitten by MTY but he’s fine, because he’s BAD BLOOD! isn’t it? :p

    more strangely! he stated that he’s human, but he get along with many vampire! what the…

    2nd! the female chief prosecutor, he popped out in this s2. dont you feel this strange?
    ( L statement: why they choose to be prosecutor? so it just me and that girl who’s not prosecutor)
    i think she could be vampire as well.

    3rd! Park Hoon. he keep play on flashback scene. It feel like the writer told us ‘see Park Hoon, remember Park Hoon, dont forget his role as the one who make MTY vampire.

    3. Luna’s dead body never been show! i dont think she died easily…

    lemme get it straight..
    MTY bit by Park Hoon
    Yeonjin bit by Jang Chul Oh
    JCO bit by ?
    Park Hoon bit by L
    Dr. Jo inject by L’s blood
    L made by experiment
    (please right me if i’m wrong)

    • toymatto ⋅

      Felt Same 2 abt Dr La,it was Dr La dat transformed JCO , but wot we shld ask is where he got d blood from. PLS S33333333


    :=D season 3&4 FIGHTING

  36. han ⋅

    im just thinking, why theres no one pinpoint dr. La as Bad Blood (??).
    nah.. its just my opini, i should have write more evidence/detail but sorry my english not so good.
    anyway the person who closed with main character from first season is dr. La , and we all see how suprised MTY to look whos helped him. but im suspect MTY sister too.
    VP 3 please,not let me down with the story…

  37. Ken ⋅

    Did anyone think about how Dr. La to escape, when he first saw BB at the bunker? Does that mean Dr. La is making up story?

  38. bu ⋅

    Couldnt bad blood possibly be prosecutor mins sister? The other vampire that has also been under the green sheets who started coming to life? Or well.. the chief prosecutor could also be bad blood. I havent watched season one yet, but can the vampires only turn one person into a vampire? Why didnt the doctor die when he was bitten but didnt turn into a vampire.. I wish all these questions could be answered….

  39. Jenny Louis ⋅

    Really!! ^~^

  40. ChieranaChici ⋅

    i can’t wait to watch Vampire prosecutor season 3 …
    i want to see Min Tae Yeon again,, he very cool if change into vampire.. in season 3 i wish jung in know if Tae Yeon are Vampire.. and jung in and Tae Yeon will get married ..^_^

  41. Yuka ⋅

    Just finish watching VP2 ! OMG its already 5am O.O i’m an addict O.O

    Neweiz i couldn’t believe that VP2 last episode was aired last 2012 >>>>><)

    Give us season 3 please! OCN i'm begging you! Don't leave us hanging T.T

  42. sexybacksora ⋅

    We did find out why they were doing experiments on the “Bad Blood”. The doctor wanted to use the blood to cure his son of his disease. I feel like people missed that part… They totally pointed that out. Even the Doctor said so to “Bad Blood”.
    Does anyone else wonder why Soon Bum and the Prosecuter became friends? And how he accepted that he was a vampire so easily when most people would be frightened? Why didn’t they explain how they met? There was a scene where it was stated that they had never worked together before the accident. So how is it that they met?

    Also that Chief is suspicious… Why does she have so much animosity toward that team? She is always trying to push them out of her way… Who are these higher ups that she is so wary of that she is called the “Turtle”? Clearly they might be involved with “Bad Blood”. Or she is…

  43. SEXYVAMP ⋅

    I think who dr. bartenter saw at the bunker was, the politician who they’ve turned into a vampire
    Jung in still cant die, VP would’nt be completed if she’s dead!!!!
    and I think that we’ve still have’nt met BB… :/


  44. I really want vampire prosecutor to have season 3 !! dude it’s already 2014 when will we get to watch season 3 when!!?

  45. Smarty ⋅

    Gosh some people are dumb, don’t you guys pay attention. Theres only two ways to turn into a vampire.

    1. Be the first victim of a new Vampire

    2. Injecting vampire blood into yourself. So number one can only happen after number two occurs.

    Even tho the writer’s have seem to made some errors and loopholes. They showed Bad Blood bite Jang Hoon, the first prosecutor, but thats years after that dude has been a vampire already, so i doubt that was his first victim but apparently he turned the prosecutor Jang Hoon into one, so we can only assume that he was the first victim, which makes no sense at all, cause before he escaped he bit a whole lot of people but none of them turned. Later on he meets that prosecutor Jang Hoon and somehow turns him when he bites him. Big big mistakes on the writers side.

    When Min bit the doctor, he didn’t turn cause his been a vampire for 7 years already, so its highly unlikely that the doctor was his first victim, they didn’t show us anything regarding that, or their could be a plot twist in season 3, where Min’s first victim could be apart of the story, who knows but right now it makes no sense, the story doesnt add up to the facts given to us about how you turn into a vampire.

    So when Bad Blood bite Yoo Jung In, she wouldnt turn cause thats not his first victim. She’ll either die of blood loss but seeing how that guy bit her for Min to suck her blood to survive, he choose not too and threw her down the building so she was just injured, she pretty much got rescued a few mins after she was bit so she wouldnt have loss that much blood.

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