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OCN 2013 Line-Up!

OCN posted their 2013 line up video yesterday!

The short clip confirms the shows we were all dying to have another season for!!!!

Vampire Prosecutor Season 3!

I already made several posts on this and I’m glad OCN listened to us!!

Looking forward to this the most 😀

TEN Season 2:

I wasn’t expecting this after a really confusing ending last season! I loved this show a lot and I’m glad they are considering this! Hopefully they will go over and clear up our confusion!

If you loved Vampire Prosecutor, and crime/mystery shows, I definitely recommend this show! It is on ViKi, and you will love it, I promise!

God’s Quiz Series: Looks like we won’t be having another season like I predicted.

Sad and dissappointed I know.

But I’m glad they are bringing back my most favorite shows! Thanks for the best christmas present ever OCN!


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