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Vampire Prosecutor Season 3 Confirmed?

OMG GUYS! I am like freaking out now!

SO I just saw OCN’s 2013 Line-UP! and guess what is in there!

Vampire Prosecutor!

Looks like we’ll be having another season! This is great guys, best christmas present ever right??

Here’s the video of the line up!

I made a post right after season 2 ended about a month ago…check it out and comment what you’ll be looking forward to in the new season!


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29 responses to “Vampire Prosecutor Season 3 Confirmed?

  1. Mona ⋅

    Oh my goshhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! Yes best christmas present everrrrrrrrrrrr!!! I AM SOOO EXCITED AND HAPPPPYYYY!!!! 😀

  2. Mizzy Jackson ⋅

    where the youtube video why you remove it :/

  3. Luna Hyori ⋅

    um i just finished season 2. is their a trailer for season 3? the ocn video kinda got me confused sorry. whats ocn stand for? i was suprised to see it and then like pirates and another sparta movie and i thought that mission impossible alreay came out @@ so im confuzzled

  4. lamaa ⋅

    Yay can’t wait just finished season 1 and about to start seaseon2 gladthere will be 3 when will they air season 3?

  5. I am so glad to have vampire prosecuter #3,i hate lose ends!i hope to find out what was left out in#2!

  6. mizzjackson ⋅

    it been 3 months when is it??? :/

  7. Gio ⋅

    OH MY GOODNESS! FINALLY! CAN’T WAIT… T-T ~I’m gonna see hot ‘L’ again! ~hohohoh

  8. Devi Dea ⋅

    Hi Shamipula, thanks for your information. I and my friend getting excited about this. Well, did you have any further information about when they gonna start filming it? Because I have some questions about this dramas. I’m still curious about how did MTY and HSB met? And how could HSB know that MTY is a vampire? can anyone help me?

  9. Hobo ⋅

    Soo… does anyone know the exact release date of episode 1? Or when it will get revealed?

    • shamipula

      As of now, we have not received any sorts of information on that yet…VP Staff are usually quiet on information and don’t reveal information until later. I don’t think they have signed any contracts with any actors yet, and it may not be confirmed for sure. We will have to wait for a press conference for that.

      • lisa ⋅

        i hope so cause it ended like it wil be another one cause we have to see if the ther da is okay and were he went to and who did the doctor see in that room I think it’s that woman who try to get them to hide things.

  10. susiana ⋅

    Can Wait for the Prosecutor vampire 3 begin…..

  11. shay ⋅

    i loved it!!!!! when is vampire prosecutor 3 come out? im so excited can’t wait!!!! give more updatesssss! can’t wait!

  12. liany ⋅

    when vampire prosecutor season 3 release, really curios, can share info,

  13. katie ^.^ ⋅

    AHHHHHHHH 😀 so overly excited for this , when i finished the first season and found there was a second on i flipped out , the second season was soo amazing i really hope we get the new season soon

  14. Le Jung ⋅

    Can anybody tell me when VP 3 coming out or they change VP 3 into another name?

  15. tinahuynh

    when is seaseon 3 going to come out im dying from waiting !!!!!

  16. renovine ⋅

    Awesome th date is the 5 of May, 2013, can’t wait I love vol, can’t wait for season three- hurry people r dieying to see it.

  17. Devi Dea ⋅

    I hope they would start it soon, but I’ve heard that the main actor Yeon Jeong Hoon is still finishing his newest drama and if I’m not wrong it’s about 50 episodes. Huft… Hwaiting Jeong Hoon-ssi!!!

  18. Kezia ⋅

    WOW!!! What a emotion!!! Lookinf forward to seeing Season 3!!!

  19. Hilda ⋅

    SEASON 3 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (^^^)

  20. mikuru ⋅

    really need the season 3 … i’ll patiently wait for it xD

  21. April Tran ⋅

    Is there any updates about season 3 yet? im so anxious for it !

  22. melanny

    Cuando sale la temporada 3??

  23. Well is vampire prosecutor season 3 out yet cause I have not watch it yet and though I really want to I been seen 1and 2 I want to see 3 so if anyone can help me find out where to go in order to watch please text me back thanks 🙂

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