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Heartless City Season 2? S1Ending Spoilers*

Season 2 Possibility Rating/Reasoning (I think I will call it PRR from now on.) Up ahead after my rant…Enjoy!

This was truly a heartless ending indeed. I’ve never been in love, yet I think I’ve understood what heartbreak really is. Painful. Because the truth hurts, and the society that is so harshly yet so accurately depicted in this drama shatters a piece of my soul. As much as I wanted a happy ending, I knew from episode 1 that I wasn’t going to get the one I wanted; that I would be in hopeless relationship where my heart would jump with anxiety and flutter from love – only to become smithereens.

The world is like a mirror. If you spit and curse at it, the world will spit and curse at you back.”


I want to talk about three characters on the show that I have to really let my heart out on.

Jin Sook: Geez, the writers threw a boatload of crap all over Unni at once, First she finds out the two most cherished people of her life were together. Then we have her find out that Soo Min was a cop. And then she finds out Baksa was a cop. Then Safari dies…Soo dies…she realized she had loved a dick..actually i think she always knew that (Director Min)…and then Baksa dies.  I don’t think anyone else suffered as much as she has. She became strong because of her family, and now she is the only one standing.

The reason I’m talking about Jin Sook first is because I find her being the most difficult character to piece together. Her love and loyalty was so strong it seemed unbelievable. Yet you can’t not sympathize with her.  Though she lived a tough life, she was naive. I think that all she longed for were real feelings. Someone to care for her, cherish her, and want her to be safe and by their side. It didn’t necessarily have to be love, but prostitution, Safari, and Director Min, failed to give her that in the past. Baksa was and I think that led to her obsession of him. It may seem cruel to call it in an obsession, but she did hope for him to be forever by her side. I think this was also the reason as to why she became so attached to Soo Min…You would think as a Drug Donna, you wouldn’t easily trust someone. But here we have Soo Min, a complete stranger, saving her, doing her hair and following her every word…without reason? Though it may ring bells for us, for Jin Sook this was an innocent and harmless girl. Jin Sook needed the affection and she took her blind chance. So when she has the only two people who give her the love she needs come together, she had to become heartbroken. She felt her connection to them slip away so easily.

Hyun Soo: I didn’t trust this guy the whole show, and now I feel so bad about it because he may have been the most loyal guy. Of course he had some slip ups. And they made it seem he would turn on Baksa, but the fact that he changed from against Baksa to for him so fast shows how much faith he had in him. How much faith he has in every relationship. We can also remember in the beginning when his girlfriend died, how hurt he was. How mad he was. I had thought he was a player but you could see he wasn’t. When Soo Min entered Baksa’s hideout the first time, he didn’t even comment her looks..while I thought he would have probably checked her out. But he demanded she get out immediately. Baksa’s dedication and need for Hyun Soo to leave and move out of the business can also prove how worthy he was.

Soo Min: This character had so much potential in the beginning, and I was really excited for her character development yet, I was let down. As the show went along rather than becoming a turning point of influence, she became more of an obstacle. Every single time..EVERY TIME, I couldn’t understand why she couldn’t understand how much of a hindrance she was. But she kept trying to fix what she couldn’t. It bothered me so much everytime she asked him, “What about you? You’re in danger too!”. He very well knows that! But whatever you know, some people…

Season 2 Possibility Rating: 20%

As a sequel, I highly doubt it. I understand that the very last scene of the show is of Baksa’s back in a crowd on a cellphone. Unfortunately I am afraid we cannot say that this is enough buildup for another season. A lot of directors and tv shows like to play that card of the main character supposedly still being alive. It is just to create a stir, most of the time, among the audience. Plus I highly doubt he survived past the location of where he was shot. I assume this because if he didn’t, the ending would have consisted of  Jin Sook unni, Soo Min, and Ji Hyung Min racking their brains trying to find him…but it didn’t appear so. The story of the man called Jung Shi Hyun, I believe has come to an end. I think they shot that scene to make it seem like he will always be with us.

Of course a spin-off or a season 2 with different characters and story and such is always possible. I believe the show got pretty decent ratings, so I wouldn’t be surprised.

If you guys have any more questions on the ending, why it happened the way it did, or want me to talk about more of some characters, comment below!


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  1. Hwang Ni Yeon ⋅

    Is it now confirmed that it will have a Season 2? If it is yes, whose new set pf characters will playing the new roles?

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