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God’s Quiz Season 4 Confirmed!!!

Hey guys, it has been almost two years since I posted about God’s Quiz Season 3 ending…And now I am back with amazing news that Season 4 has been confirmed! Original cast members are still on, such as hilarious Ryu Deok Hwan, and his onscreen “girlfriend” Yoon Joo Hee! The series will air on Sundays like before starting on May 18th! Also there has been news about new characters that were added: Super Junior’s Donghae, and Rainbow’s Jae Kyung. I am not too worried about these additions. I am not sure of Dong Hae’s filmography but I am assuming that if he is to play an adorable character it won’t be too difficult. But of course he may prove his versatility as an actor in this show. And Jae Kyung I am not sure about other than the fact that she is pretty chirpy in real life. But Donghae and her will be having a love line in the story. Cute, even though right now I’m wishing for the other love line to progress. Follow this blog for more information! I will keep you guys updated on news!


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