Slap/Kiss Lakorn List <3 <3

I know people have been looking and asking for a good list of slap/kiss lakorns, so I decided I would make  a list for you guys! I’ll give my rating on the show right next to it when its listed. My rating is on the overall show, not on the slap and kisses lol:).Enjoy! Comment if you have questions and feedback! Feedback always inspires me to do more for you guys! (BTW, MOST of these lakorns should have subs somewhere)

1. Sawan Biang

2.  Jam Leuy Rak  (on YT)

3. Game Rai Game Rak (on YT)

4. Kom Rak Kom Saneha (on YT)

5. Hua Jai Sila (on YT)

6. Wimarn Sai (on YT)

7. Wong Wien Hua Jai (on YT)

8. Roy Leh Sanae Rai (on YT)

9. Mafia Tee Ruk

10. Likit Kammathep

11. Samee

12. Leh Ratree

13. Buang Ruk Kamathep

14. Lhong Ngao Jun

15. Proong Nee Gor Ruk Ter

16. Rahut Rissaya

17. Namtam Mai

18. Soot Saai Paan (available on youtube with subs)



5 responses to “Slap/Kiss Lakorn List <3 <3

  1. sam (female) ⋅

    i hate the hero(actor) of namtam mai lakorn

  2. 14hlyang

    I would recommend Pin Anong! It’s absolutely a must watch!
    Try searching up some of the MV’s, u might be interested, cuz that’s what got me hooked on the lakorn.

  3. Angela ⋅

    Game Rai Game Rak and Wong Wien Hua Jai are the best.. I’ve already watch it and its awsome!!! Anyways I’m from Philippines and I’m very addicted to lakorns…^_^

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